Thursday, 9 September 2010



Peggy gets her name above the door again. Phil is really good at acting on crack. It's Janine's hen night, except everyone hates Janine. Ricky takes Ryan for his "stag do" i.e- a pint in the vic with ricky. Janine tells everyone how good Ryan is in bed which is creepy, especially cos Whit's there. Bianca and Ronnie have a fight about who the dad of Sam's kid is, Bianca grabs her hair and then Ron chucks a drink over her. Pat's got a stripper too and he dances with her (Pat) and its brilliant. And Denise's sister keeps calling Janine "Janice" which is great too. Ricky & Ryan get really drunk in the vic and Ricky goes "At christmas..... will you help me do the washing up?". Lol drunk ppl. Pat & Peggy have a great argument where she gets called out for letting Phil kill himself. Ouch. Billy and Minty and Peggy all go to try and get Phil. Ricky and Ryan are really good at acting drunk. Dot is complaining about them being loud and naked and then Stacey's like it's alright they're having a laugh, then Dot says some stuff about the baby and Bradley and Stacey proper casually is like "yeah well Bradleys not her dad. Night then" and then goes inside. UHOH. Janine meets some yuppie creep with a penthouse and as they're leaving the club she can hear Ryan yelling "I love Janine Butcherrrrrr" but then he kisses her and she gets in his car! JANINE NO! Meanwhile Phil is going APESHIT in the back of Minty's van, and then they all (w/sam and Jay and maybe Ron&Rox) try and get him in the vic and up the stairs and it's CRAZY, it's like he's a fucking gorilla or something. Then they get him in the living room and barricade him in and nail planks over the door so he can get off the smack. DARK.


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