Thursday, 9 September 2010


hello. as a non-eastenders aside my laptop dun broke so i'm a bit behind. these are thurs and fri of last week, then ill do mon/tues of this week, then tonights, cos i wanna be bang up to date for fridays because the fucking vic gets burnt down. it's on all the adverts and anything. madness.

Peggy's been out all night but no-one knows why. She been with Sam? Looking for Phil? (Looking for Phil). Ricky goes to the hosp to help Sam out cos she's still having her baby. Sam asks for Peggs so Ricky goes to get her. Pat tells Billy that he should find Phil despite being the only person behind the bar (It's ok, Minty covers). Janine overhears Ricky ask Peggy to go to the hospital cos Peggy's all like "why are you there, is it yr kid?" and he's like "yeh maybs", so Janine goes and tells Bianca Sam's baby is his! Uhhhh ohhhh. Ronnie also overhears so goes and tells Jack cos it might be his too? (Apparently. I can't remember them doing it). She takes Jack to the hosp, then Bianca turns up! But they work it out. It finally gets born and is a little tiny Mitchell boy. Billy comes back from finding Phil & it doesn't sound good, he's found him but he's in a bad way. Then the big reveal is SAM'S GIVING THE BABY UP FOR ADOPTION. OH NO!

So obvs Peggy is gutted and everyone tries to convince her to keep it or let Peggy bring it up (how old is she?). The general gist of this ep was all that stuff, Ryan and Janine getting married but not inviting anyone but then inviting people, Phil lives in a proper crack den with graffiti and everything, it's fucking grim. Becca goes too far mental and Jean tells Stacey so Stacey is don and chucks her out. Good riddance! Remember when she was being all creepy and doing it with Max? Yikes. Peggy goes to find Phil and tells him he's better off dead. OUCH.

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