Saturday, 4 September 2010


hi sam. im gonna level with you, i've fallen off eastenders big and am out of the loop. i watched the omibus and made extensive notes but now all my stuff is in boxes and i dont know where it is :( but the gist of last weeks was, if I can remember:

-max's lady is now living with them.
-heather and george are getting kicked out of their house.
-glenda knew ronnie was getting abused by archie.
-the club re-opened
-shirl decided to go off to help phil who was trying to rob the arches for crack money instead of looking after heathers house so they got evicted and heather was well narky with shirl.
-peggy got all 'oh all my kids hate me' so went to see sam in prison who was all like 'i hate you' then got up revealing she's pregs!
-then later minty went to see sam and was all like 'ill support you with the baby, will you marry me?' and she says yes. don't get too excited though....

....cos then the next fucking day she's all like "i woulda said anything so you'd leave the room" despite the fact that he WAS LEAVING THE ROOM when she said it. like when amira caught syed and zanab arguing and was all like 'what are you arguing about?' and then in the next episode they were like 'oh nothing' and she was like 'oh cool'. f you eastenders. so mintys all upset about that and heathers staying with him so they get drunk and have a wild night of pleasure (or giggle in bed alot according to shirl), so then hevs like 'that only happened cos you were upset with sam' and then mintys like 'no its you i want' AWWWW.

oh and darren had a circumcision for jodie but then cos she found out about max and her mum don't even want to see him! killer! abbie still fancies darren too. not sure what else has happened. ill keep you posted

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