Monday, 20 September 2010


sorry mate, i am WAY behind. Here is the greatest episode of all time, the one where the vic burns down. IN SUMMARY:

Basically, Phil is going mad in the flat above the vic, Stacey has told Peggy about her killing Archie so Peggy slaps Stace (that's the last thing she needs). Billy is a big fat moron and opens the barricades to give Phil a glass of water, then Phils all "im on crack let me out" so Billy gets scared and leaves the flippin' crowbar in the room. UNNNGGGGHHHHH. Stacey is going a bit mad bless her without her pills and she tries to tell Ryan that Lily is his kid. But it's his wedding reception in the vic (hence EVERYONE being there), so she takes him to the toilet and he's all like "you trying to snog me on my wedding day?" the Pat comes in and thinks the same thing and slaps Stacey too! Noooo. So she is proper gutted and stays in the toilet. Meanwhile Phil has obvs escaped and smashes some booze up everywhere at the bottom of the stairs then chats to Peggy for aaaaages and she doesn't ever think to blow out the fuckin' match right in front of her. But instead shouts "YOU AINT GOT THE BOTTLE" and then obviously he HAS got the bottle and burns the whole place down. Everyone in the pub takes about ten years to notice. Then they do and everyones going mental trying to leave, and pretty much everyone gets out. Masood gets out with Tambo and then is like "WHERES YOUR MOTHER!!" and she's inside helping Syed because he's lying on the floor. It's a beautiful moment.

So yeah, everyone's out except Stacey, Phil and Lily who's upstairs being a baby. Stacey is DON and puts a coat over her back and runs up the stairs which are all burning like crazy. Phil is less don and tries to get the money from the till and gets trapped when the top bit of the bar falls on him. Stacey eventually pries some of the boards off the windows at the top and Ryan goes up the ladder to get Lily and bring her back down. Peggy and Billy go in and get Phil out. Then Ryan goes back up and Stacey is unconcious on the floor so he puts her on his shoulder and is coming down the ladder when BOOOMMMM. Massive explosion sends them flying. So they're lying on the ground proper hurt and Ryans all like "look, lily's by the ambulance she's fine" and Stace goes "she's yours". The Peggy is freaking out watching the pub burn and she goes 'LETTTT IT BURRRRNNNNN, LETT IT BURRNN". GREAT EP.

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