Sunday, 5 September 2010


Becca has convinced Stacey to stop taking her medication, but thats probably for the best innit, full or mercury and flouride designed to keep her on a particular frequency level. FINALLY Stacey Slater can ascend to one world consciousness. I'll keep you updated. Ricky goes to the hospital to see Sam and Mintys there. Becca is being a fucking massive bitch, saying Jean has messed up the stall and that while Stace was having the baby. Ricky and Bianca have sex in a caravan. Becca then has an argument with Jean and tells her that it was her that called the police on Bradley! She's gone mental! Ohhh Nooooo. So Jeans all like "im gonna tell" then Becca blackmails her not to. ooooo.


Lucy's moved to Devon or somewhere like that. I dunno. With an Aunt or something. ??? Phils gone missing cos he loves crack. Jane's opening a bank account so she can rip off Ian. Then he see's Denise who tries to warn him about Jane and Ian's all like "LOL LIKE IM GONNA TAKE RELATIONSHIP ADVICE FROM YOU, YOUR HUSBAND LOCKED YOU IN THE BASEMENT LOL" and Jordan calls him a prat which is great. Denise and Jordan have a very emotional and touching moment when she's trying to make him feel good and he's like "i'm not going anywhere" and we realise that it's not just her being there for him through this tough time, she is relying on Jordan too. Carol goes out with Lewis the army recruitment guy again and they end up fucking at Bianca's WHILE TIFF, MORGAN, LIAM AND PAT ARE ALL DOWNSTAIRS. grossssssss. Jane's gonna adopt Bobbie so we think everythings fine then she goes to Denise "yeah so i can still get access when i fuck Ian over" oh dear!

That was tuesdays so no real cliffhanger. I'll watch the other 2 later mate.

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