Saturday, 25 September 2010


That woman breaks up with Max. Darrens new nickname is "Stitches" due to his circumcision, and she refers to him as this despite the emotional weight of the moment. She's gonna go get back with Jodie's dad for her and Darren's sake. Minty runs out of the christening to get with Sam then decides not to then just leaves the square altogether. RIP Minty. The thugs at the Slater's pretend to rob Lily so everyone freaks out then Alfie rolls in pretending to be the police and they scarper. So he's not dead obvs. Kat reveals herself to be pregnant, and the baby is not Alfie's. Oh dear.

Phil has a beard. Kat puts the £10,000 in a toy dog for some reason, which is one of a gazillion that Mo is selling on the square. OH. DEAR. Has it been sold to Darren to give to Jodie? Shirley to give to Hev? Jane to give to Bobby? The hunt is on. Meanwhile Darren and Jodie bonk. Eventually the hunt narrows it down to Roxy or Hev, and Alfie goes round Heathers. Unfortunately she's already found it, but Alf explains the situ and she gives it back. But Alf is such a top bloke he gives her a bit of it. The bets it on a horse called "VICTORIAS PROMISE" and gets £20,000 back. I WONDER WHAT THIS MEANS??????

Alfie has a chat with Phil about whether he can help with any work. Glenda's got a job at the bookies. Or rather is on a trial day. Hev's using the Alfie money to rent somewhere outside of Walford cos she can't afford Minty's if Minty ain't there. Dot tells her to rent Ethel's old flat. Alfie takes Darren's job on the car lot. Except he doesn't it's a great joke Max did. Darren takes Jodie and her parents to the caff. Not sure why. Alfie spends the whole day trying to get a job, the chippy, the bookies. Glenda meanwhile has implemented this policy where you get a free drink with every bet you place, which is absurd and I am pretty sure VERY ILLEGAL. I'm sure you need a license for that sort of thing don't you? Or is the fact it's free make it ok? Anyway, naturally Carol who appears to now be boss of the bookies is not best pleased, but is persuaded when she see's how much money everyone spends when they're drunk. Alfie takes Kat's money which she has AGAIN left on top of a bag, and BUYS THE VIC!?!??! wowowowow didn't see that coming. Then Kat punches Alfie and the episode ends. Great.

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