Monday, 20 September 2010


this is the one where Peggy leaves forever except they think we care when we don't. The police come round but it's no big deal. There's this crazy long shot of Peggy walking through the square that's like it's from Irreversible or some shit and gives loads of extras the opportunity to go "all the best Peg" "love you peg" etc etc. Peggy goes to the hospital to blackmail Stacey into saying she burnt down the pub or she'll shop her for murdering Archie. Lol. yeh right peggs. She's having none of it. Ryan and Janine are going on their honeymoon. Not sure where. Phil is amazing at acting. Billy lets him leave the house!!! Does he never learn??

There's more weird shit when Peggy goes into the pub and hears loads of flashbacks of shit that happened years ago. It's all a bit hollyoaks. Then she goes home and is like "i'm gonna leave and i'm gonna take Phil" but she needs money so Roxy goes and gets her some. Standard. Asif Peggy losing the pub means her & the pubs bank accounts are suddenly dry. Oh and Ronnie's pregnant again allegedly. Sam makes the VERY GOOD POINT that not two days ago did Peggy convince her not to give up her baby but that she would bring it up no problem. Sam is also terrible at acting. Can Phil even leave the country? What about Ben? In the end she goes alone anyway and gets that fucking piano ending music and despite it being about 5pm no-one is in the square. She doesn't even say bye to Pat! & who's going to sort out Tracey & Shirley and Christian. (actually Christian is a personal trainer now so he's fine)

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