Saturday, 4 September 2010


ok so found notes for one episode.

JANE KNOWS ABOUT THE ABORTION. from what i can work out from the ones i missed, it was zsa zsa (how do you spell that?) who told her. oh dear. lucy cheated on her GCSE's so her and peter are 'under investigation'. so jane and ian and them are all being weird, then lucy admits it and tells the headteacher and peter's investigation is dropped and she has to re-take the whole year. guttteeerrrrssss. shoulda boned wheelchair man eh? yeah right.

Syed/Said (how do you spell that?) has now started wearing Christian-esque tight shirts. I find this distressing. Like he's come out so he has to adopt all the cliches. Nice to see them back in it though, Tambo makes a video and Said tells his sister whos away whats happened then deletes the video. It's tragic.

Heather and Minty eat chips together. This appears to be the extent of their relationship.

Bradleys ashes are returned so Max plans to go somewhere they went on holiday once to scatter them into the sea. Beccas all weird and doesn't give her the message, then when they're about to leave she's all freaky and freaks out Stace and she goes 'we can't, i can't let him go' or summat like that. Max is a great actor and gets very emotional in the kitchen. Then he's a great guy and says Stacey can look after the ashes til she's ready. WHAT A TOP BLOKE.

So Jane's properly going mental at Ian under her breath, and she's chatting to Denise and says "I'm not gonna leave, I'm gonna ruin Ian's life"

FINALLY! OHHHHH YEAHHHHH. Next week Peggy leaves and the Vic burns down. I'll keep you posted.

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