Monday, 9 August 2010


Ok so Phil isn't very pleased about the whole Louise/Lisa scenario but chills out abit and then when the social worker comes round is really nice and relaxed, then steals his bag to find Lisa's address and drives off in a rage. "Rainy", tanya's sister, scores some crack in the square. Denise & Patrick decide to go to the funeral of the woman who Lucas killed as if she was Denise and Patrick gives her a great bit of advice "She may have died for you, but now you have to live for her". Phil gets to Lisa's and smashes the door in but they've gone! Noooooooo. Police find Phil with his head in his hands on a lone matress in an empty room, so gutted Phil. This however causes him to GET BACK ON THE DRINK! I.e-hilarious Phil. Abbie meanwhile puts on Rainy's coat and lo and behold finds da crack, so then there's a weird sequence where Phil gets chucked out of the pub and she gets chucked out of Max's with some weird music. Then Max chucks Carol out too because let's be honest, she's a moany twat. So she goes to stay with Bianca (who ain't happy about it lol). Denise's LOL sister comes back and also ain't got nowhere to live so is gonna move in with Patrick & Denise, might aswell they've got 2 spare bedrooms now right. Then Rainy is in the square searching for her crack and Phil turns up dangling it around being like "I want in on this shiiiittttt" PHIL ON CRACK OMG. Stay tuned....

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