Saturday, 7 August 2010


In the previous episode (not sure if you saw it) Phil slapped Peggy. Woah. Now she's got a mega bruise, standard. Also Tanya's sister has come back and is chilling at Max's & used to be a heroin addict. Libby and Chelsea have gone off to Spain and Oxford (v. emotional). This part is fucking ridiculous, there is NO WAY you would just jet off to spain/leave to start uni again (dear libby, it's the start of fucking august, love peter) when barely two weeks ago your dad PRETENDED YOUR MUM WAS DEAD AND LOCKED HER IN A FUCKING BASEMENT. It's a joke! Terrible terrible family members. Jordan is going to kill himself now (probably). I've started eating dried mango by the way (it's totally great). Peggy and Pat steal Louise from Phil's house and take her to Lisa's house and give her back as if that's the done thing. They don't call social services or anything, just literally drive her, drop her off. Neither of them are the legal guardian either. Mental.

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